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Looking for teaching materials on English prepositions? Here is our collection of printables to help you practice:

BY or UNTIL? 1
Prepositions: Opposites
Prepositions of location 1
Preposition or no preposition? 1
Preposition or no preposition? 2
Prepositions of time (for, since, in) 1
Prepositions of time (in, on, at) 1
Prepositions of time (in, on, at) 2
Using prepositions after adjectives 1
Using prepositions after adjectives 2
Using prepositions after adjectives 3
Prepositions with phrasal verbs 1
Prepositions with phrasal verbs 2
Prepositions with phrasal verbs 3
Mixed prepositions 1
Mixed prepositions 2
Mixed prepositions 3
Mixed prepositions 4
Mixed prepositions 5
Mixed prepositions 6
Mixed prepositions 7
Mixed prepositions 8
Mixed prepositions 9

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