printable esl worksheets for students and teachers of english
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ESL vocabulary worksheets, English vocabulary printables

We developed a series of vocabulary-building exercises to help you learn new English words, and to practice the words you already know. We've designed them so that you'll be able to practice and improve your grammar skills as well.

Talking about the weather 1
Talking about the weather 2
Talking about your family 1
Talking about your family 2
Going to school
University/College 1
University/College 2
Cell Phones (Mobiles)
Using email
Getting married
Warning someone 1
Warning someone 2
Praising someone/ Giving compliments 1
Praising someone/ Giving compliments 2
Fixing your car
Talking about work 1
Talking about work 2
Basic Vocabulary Builder 1
Basic Vocabulary Builder 2
Basic Vocabulary Builder 3
Basic Vocabulary Builder 4
Basic Vocabulary Builder 5
Basic Vocabulary Builder 6
Basic Vocabulary Builder 7
Basic Vocabulary Builder 8
Basic Vocabulary Builder 9
Basic Vocabulary Builder 10
Things you do in the morning 1
Things you do in the morning 2
Going to work 1
Going to work 2
English in a government office 1
English in a government office 2
Describing people 1
Describing people 2
Describing people 3
Describing people 4
Going out to a restaurant 1
Going out to a restaurant 2
Going out to a bar
Weekend plans 1
Weekend plans 2
Traveling/Travel plans 1
Traveling/Travel plans 2
Idioms (Animals)
Idioms (Parts of the body)
Phrasal verbs/Idioms (To get) 1
Phrasal verbs/Idioms (To get) 2
Sports and fitness 1
Sports and fitness 2
Grocery store/Supermarket 1
Grocery store/Supermarket 2
Buying a car
Health/Seeing a doctor 1
Health/Seeing a doctor 2
Learning languages 1
Learning languages 2

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